Our company has been operating within recycling sector of industrial plastic waste since 1970. The headquarter is established between Milan and Verona, in close proximity of Lake Garda.


Our company has been operating within the recycling sector of industrial plastic waste since 1970 and its headquarters is situated between Milan and Verona, in proximity of Lake Garda.
The business was established as an artisan company with the name of its founder, Italo Ragnoli. Thanks to him, the firm has since evolved and expandednow operating on an area of ​​over 10.000 square meters.

Years of work and experience have allowed us to fully automate the production department which, with cutting-edge systems and the choice of qualified personnel, is able to recognize, sort and mix the various plastic polymers to obtain a quality regenerate. We have installed a photovoltaic system with a power of 400 kW. Our main product is LD polyethylene granule, the secondary raw material for film and moulding. HDPE and PP are also available.

The installation of a modern silo storage system gives us the possibility of receiving and delivering directly by tanker.

Mechanical recycling achieves the best results if the treated plastic is homogeneous and clean. For this reason, our attention is always focused on the origin of the raw materials used: high and low density and linear polyethylene production waste, in the form of rolls, lumps, offcuts and film in bales

The collection of production scraps is carried out by our own vehicles in accordance with the current legislative provisions, whereby, upon request, providing suppliers with rent-free containers suitable for the collection of the material. 

Environmental authorisation

We have the Environmental Authorisation for waste material recycling.


We have been a POLIECO appointed entity since 1999.

Transport Authorisation

We are listed in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators.


Our products are certified CSI “100% recycled”, European centre for testing of processes and materials.


We are associated with the Consortium C.A.R.P.I.


We are associated with Confindustria Brescia.