Ritiro materiale plastico da lavorazione


Using our own vehicles, we collect plastic waste from industrial processing at the production plant, as waste or byproducts.
Our company is listed in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators for the collection and transportation of plastic waste.

Consegna di polimeri plastica presso aziende


The recycled material is delivered to the customer, packed in big-bags or 25 kg bags on pallet. We offer the possibility to collect directly from silos in tank trucks.



The material obtained from regeneration is granule, a secondary raw material compliant with UNIPLAST-UNI 10667 specifications. The product is sold to plastics transformers. Polyolefins, the group of plastics that includes LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE and PP, are the most widely used, due to their versatility.

Applications included, among others: LDPE – bags, packaging, agricultural films, heavy industrial bags; HDPE – hoses, containers for detergents, crates; PP – housewares, garden furniture, electrical components, carpets. The analysis of the final products is performed in our internal laboratory (Melt flow index, Thermal Stability, Filming Tests).